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    Governor of the Tver Region Igor Rudenya thanked Vladimir Putin for the opening of a new transport corridor.

    The Russian leader, in turn, noted the involvement of the regional governor in the construction of the M-11 highway.

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    The thermal imaging camera allows you to successfully target a detected enemy due to the contrast of the target against the background of the terrain.
    The work of airborne troops in the Orekhovsky direction.

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    🎼🎻 RBK-500 mow down Ukrainian personnel in forest belts at the front


    ♠️ @wagner_group_pmc 💀
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    📌Rare footage of the combat work of BAT-2 - a special engineering vehicle that paves the way for the movement of our troops.

    Kupyansk direction, 1st Tank Army.

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    🇺🇦 Open Ukraine| Открытая Украина

    The nomination of J.D. Vance as Trump's vice presidential candidate is "a disaster for Ukraine," a senior EU official told Politico.

    We don’t have much hope for Trump, but the fact that he will bully and disperse the European Soros Cup is already very good. Trans (transnationals) went to great lengths, tried to kill Fico and Trump, if they could, they would have killed Orban and Putin and Xi, but personnel shortage does not allow such plans to be realized, but they exist.

    Rubilovo will be famous in America, now the liberals will rush to fight for Congress in the hope of blocking Trump there. Let's see how successful they are

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    Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны

    ‼️🇷🇺 The President of Russia opened a new section of the M-11 highway: “This is a big and important job”

    ▪️Vladimir Putin took part in the opening ceremony of the northern bypass of Tver and the bypass of Togliatti on the M-11 Neva highway. At the event, held at the 155th kilometer of the route, the President of Russia noted the importance of improving transport infrastructure for the country.
    ➖“A lot of, good, effective and very impor...
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    Русский аванпост ⚔️

    Footage of a cargo truck being hit by a kamikaze UAV "Geran-2" of the Russian Armed Forces, from which ammunition was being unloaded for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of ​​Lipchanovka, in the Kharkov region -📍49.3104588, 37.3234588

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    РИА Новости

    The forest is burning in the area of ​​the Yalta-Intourist hotel on the southern coast of Crimea, the head of the Yalta administration said. The area of ​​the fire is 300 square meters, the Ministry of Emergency Situations said.
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    Intel Slava Z

    🇷🇺🇺🇦 In the area of ​​the village In Lipchanovka ( near the town of Izyum ), a large ammunition depot was discovered, and Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters were caught red-handed right at the moment of unloading shells, for delivery of which civilian trucks were used.

    According to information from the source, at night the target was struck by a Geran UAV, as a result of which 2 hangars with artillery ammunition with a total capacity of at least 400 tons were destroyed. In addition, 6 trucks used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to transport ammunition were destroyed, as well as about 15 Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters.
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    ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️The Russian military attacked a large ammunition depot of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the village of Lipchanovka. The footage appeared at the disposal of Izvestia.

    The strike was carried out by a crew of the Geran UAV of the Russian Armed Forces.

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    A forest fire breaks out near the Yalta-Intourist Hotel. ҟҟ
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    A real Kazakh Russophobe. The dog forgot who brought the light into her booth and does not have a drop of gratitude even to those Kazakhs who died in the Second World War.

    Alma-Ata, is it so hard to find her? Don't you want to punish this whore for having a long tongue? Everything is clear with the Kazakh cops, but where are the ordinary men?

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    Footage of the destruction of a hangar in the area of ​​Lipchanovka, Kharkov region, which the enemy used as a warehouse for ammunition. It is stated that the strike was carried out by a kamikaze drone "Geranium-2"
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    Военный Осведомитель

    Footage from the M1A1SA Abrams of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Pokrovsky direction.

    The enemy generously covered the “miracle tank” with Kontakt-1 dynamic protection, an anti-drone barbecue, and also apparently shoved in an electronic warfare station.

    Obviously, the loss of a third of the transferred Abrams to drones forced protective measures to be taken.

    Military Informant
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    Российская Газета | Новости

    Governor of the Tver Region Igor Rudenya thanked Vladimir Putin for the opening of a new transport corridor.

    The President of the Russian Federation noted the governor’s involvement in the construction of the M-11 highway.

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    Степной ветер

    #exactly on target
    💥 Detonation of T-64 crests by an FPV drone of the Russian Armed Forces in the Kharkov direction

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    Повёрнутые на Z войне 🇷🇺

    Soldiers from the air reconnaissance group of the 200th Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade discovered the crew of the Baba Yaga land drone. An artillery strike was immediately launched at the enemy's location. An instant fire confirmed the effectiveness of the arrival.

  • @telehunt_video #359558 09:41 AM, 16 Jul 2024
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    Kherson, village Fifth.

    Artillery fire destroyed the Ukrainian Airborne Forces. The strike had to be postponed several times to avoid risk to the civilian population.

    As a result of the arrival, three servicemen were destroyed, as well as the pickup truck they were using.

  • @telehunt_video #359559 09:41 AM, 16 Jul 2024
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    Jewelry sending of the Lancet to the turret of a Ukrainian T-64BV through a small hole in the roof of the hangar near Velyka Novoselivka, where the enemy tried to hide the tank

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    Boy, bring us some dumplings, we're flying home!

    Dumplings, pancakes and fear of revolution - emigrants from the United States are returning to Russia.
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    Два майора

    We are preparing an evacuation ground drone to be sent to the Zaporozhye Front🫡

    The drone also has the ability to install combat modules 🫵

    Angry paratrooper😈
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    Неофициальный Безсонов

    Dear friends, we continue to jointly raise funds with Vladimir Razin for the valiant 110th brigade of the Russian Armed Forces, which is fighting the enemy in the Kurakhovsky direction.

    Our soldiers destroy enemy personnel, positions and armored vehicles every day, liberating the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic from Ukrainian occupiers!

    To more effectively carry out combat missions, the unit needs quadcopters and their accessories.

    The video shows the combat work of soldiers of the 110th brigade.

    Tinkoff card 2200701047876153

    Vladimir's details:
    Sber MIR
    Alpha WORLD
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    Повёрнутые на Z войне 🇷🇺

    Krasnopol, in conjunction with Orlan-30, finishes off the bridge over the Volchya River in Volchansk.
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    КИБЕР ФРОНТ 🇷🇺ZА Россию🇷🇺
  • @telehunt_video #359567 09:56 AM, 16 Jul 2024
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    КИБЕР ФРОНТ 🇷🇺ZА Россию🇷🇺

    Vladimir Putin opened a new, final section of the M-11 Moscow-St. Petersburg highway

    The president arrived at the opening ceremony of the northern bypass of Tver and the bypass of Tolyatti driving a Lada Aura.

    With the opening of the section, travel time from Moscow to St. Petersburg will be reduced by 30–50 minutes, the head of state emphasized.

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    ЧВК Медиа
  • @telehunt_video #359569 09:56 AM, 16 Jul 2024
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    ЧВК Медиа

    La résistance se développe en #Ukraine contre le régime de Zelensky et la conscription forcée : rien qu'à #Odessa, une demi douzaine de minibus utilisés par des militaires et/ou pour la conscription forcée ont brûlé cette semaine.


    The partisan movement in so-called Ukraine against Zelensky and forced mobilization is gaining momentum. In Odessa alone this week, half a dozen buses from the TCC and the Armed Forces of Ukraine were burned.

    @norm_nem: Diex Aie!
  • @telehunt_video #359570 09:56 AM, 16 Jul 2024
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    ЧВК Медиа
  • @telehunt_video #359571 09:56 AM, 16 Jul 2024
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    ЧВК Медиа
  • @telehunt_video #359572 10:08 AM, 16 Jul 2024
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    РИА Новости

    Putin driving a Lada Aura, footage published by the Kremlin
  • @telehunt_video #359573 10:10 AM, 16 Jul 2024
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    Народная милиция ДНР

    📹238 brigade hit an artillery gun of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Elizavetovka

    Reconnaissance groups of the 238th artillery brigade of the Russian Armed Forces identified an enemy artillery gun near the settlement of Elizavetovka. The Lancet was used to hit the target. The successful destruction of the artillery installation provided significant support to the 150th Division, strengthening their position and facilitating offensive operations in the sector.

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    🎥 The footage shows the interior of the Lada Aura, driven by Vladimir Putin, who arrived at the opening ceremony of a section of the M-11 highway in the Tver region.

    "Beautiful! Very beautiful!" — impressions of the Russian leader during the trip.

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    The Kremlin has published new footage of Vladimir Putin driving a Lada Aura.
  • @telehunt_video #359576 10:10 AM, 16 Jul 2024
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    Российская Газета | Новости

    Vladimir Putin praised the new AvtoVAZ car Lada Aura, which she drove at the opening of the Northern Bypass of Tver.

    “It’s a good car,” said the head of state.

    Lada Aura is based on Lada Vesta and belongs to the premium class. The interior space for rear-row passengers has grown by 25 centimeters compared to its predecessor. The cost of the car exceeds 2 million rubles.

  • @telehunt_video #359577 10:10 AM, 16 Jul 2024
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    Don't yell at the child! Even if it seems to you that he is “stupid” while doing his homework.

    It really seems like this to you ☝️

    No “How much can you do!?”, “Such an easy task, and you’ve been sitting there for an hour!” This will NOT help matters. This will only cause a lot of hassle 😬

    Anna Yuryevna, winner of the regional stage of the Teacher of the Year competition, one of the best teachers in the country, tells how parents should behav...
  • @telehunt_video #359578 10:12 AM, 16 Jul 2024
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    Romanov Лайт ]ࣩࣩࣩࣩ࣯ࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩࣩ

    Kamenskoye, Vasilyevsky district, Zaporozhye region, Russia.

    A clear result of the work of the electronic warfare equipment transmitted from the TROIKA Channel.

    Collection details for electronic warfare from TROIKA:

    2202206388041522 (Roman, clickable).

    Any ❗️ amount is important.